Invited Speakers

We are proud to announce the following outstanding invited speakers for OSS 2012:

Carol Smith (Open source programs manager at Google)
Google Summer of Code, Open Source, and Education

Italo Vignoli (The Document Foundation founder and director)
The sustainability of an independent free software project

Mark Gayler (Open Software Lead - Microsoft Corporation)
Microsoft, Open Source and the Cloud

Mikko Kurunsaari (CEO of Gurux Ltd.)
Gurux - the open source experience

Monty - Michael Widenius (CEO & VP Community at Monty Program Ab)
The MySQL and MariaDB story

Simon Phipps (OSI president)
What's driving Open Source?

Carol Smith (Open source programs manager at Google)
Title: Google Summer of Code, Open Source, and Education

Google Summer of Code has been helping university students get involved in open source software for 8 years. What impact has it had on the people who have participated? How has the broader open source world benefitted? What's coming up for the program next?
About the Speaker:
Carol Smith has been at Google for 7 years and has been administering the Google Summer of Code program for 3. She has experience in community management, network operations, and project management. She has a degree in photojournalism from California State University Northridge.

Mark Gayler (Open Software Lead – Microsoft Corporation)
Title: Microsoft, Open Source and the Cloud

Microsoft has made considerable investment in the openness and interoperability of our technology stack, particularly with support for open source tools and technologies, and this continues with the support for open source software provided by the Windows Azure cloud computing platform. This presentation will discuss the more recent developments with Microsoft and open source and will showcase Microsoft open source projects from around the world.
About the Speaker:
Mark Gayler has been at Microsoft for over nine years, and has most recently specialized in advice and guidance of open software to Governments around the world. Mark has over 25 years’ experience in IT consulting and systems integration with Microsoft, LogicaCMG, British Telecom, and IBM. Mark holds an MBA from Oxford Brookes University and his most recent achievement was surviving speeding around the Whistler Olympic Sliding Centre on a tea tray travelling at 100Km/h.

Monty - Michael Widenius (CEO & VP Community at Monty Program Ab)
Title: The MySQL and MariaDB story

The story of how MySQL was created, why it was successful and how it grew until it was sold to Sun, which was then overtaken by Oracle.
Monty will also cover how and why MariaDB was created and what is being done to ensure that there will always be a free version of MySQL (under the name of MariaDB).
The talk will also explain the challenges involved in the MariaDB fork, especially the merge with MySQL 5.5 and the various systems (like buildbot) that were used to build the binaries, and how the MariaDB team is working with the MariaDB/MySQL community.
About the Speaker:
Current work:
- CEO & VP Community at Monty Program Ab

- MySQL Fellow and istinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems
- Sponsor at CAMBIA
- Sponsor at Software Freedom Law Center
- Developer at Tranfor Data AB
- Software Architect at TCX Datakonsult AB

Short summary:
- Creator and original developer of MySQL & MariaDB.
- Founder of MySQL AB
- Second to do dual licensing on free software and first to do dual licensing on GPL.
- Open source advocate with first hand experience in creating and enhancing an open source community
- Software architect and designer with experience in creating big complex appli cations alone and with a virtual team
- Database expert, especially with MariaDB & MySQL :)

What Monty is working on just now:
- Working on MariaDB, an enhanced, drop-in replacement of MySQL.
- Investing, trough his investment company Open Ocean Capital, into innovative technology startups with big communities.

Italo Vignoli (The Document Foundation founder and director)
Title: The sustainability of an independent free software project

The Document Foundation was born as a fork of OOo in September 2010 to
ensure the growth of the free office suite as a completely independent
project. The focus of the founders has been at first the growth of the
developers' community, which has been achieved thanks to a mix of some
elements like the copyleft license, the lack of copyright assignment,
and a welcoming environment (with the "easy hack" mechanism), and then
has been extended to the ecosystem, with the certification program for
members and third parties, which has been launched in April 2012. The
objective is to ensure the long term sustainability, without the money
of a single large sponsor.

About the Speaker:
TDF founder, director and media spokesperson, active in marketing of
free software projects since 2004. He has over 30 years of experience in
marketing and communication of high-technology companies worldwide,
first as a corporate executive and then as a management consultant. He
has a degree in humanities from the University of Milan, and a master in
marketing and communication from the Arizona State University. He blogs
about free software on ComputerWorld Italy.

Mikko Kurunsaari (CEO of Gurux Ltd)
Title: Gurux - the open source experience

Gurux Ltd., a Finnish company established in 1998 -, took the strategic move to go fully open source in mid 2009, opening up their software solutions originally developed and offered as closed systems. Why did the company take such move? How did the company manage and survive the change? What were the technical, business, social, legal, etc implications of the move?
All these questions and more will be addressed in the talk.

About the Speaker:
Mikko Kurunsaari is the managing director of Gurux Ltd.

Simon Phipps (OSI president)
Title: What's driving Open Source?

Since the term "open source" was formalised as a term to describe the pragmatic application of software freedom, back in 1998, open source has moved from being a disruptive force on the software market to becoming the assumed heart of any new activity. As we approach 15 years of open source, what are the forces driving it today? We'll explore trends in community structure, licensing, technology and competitive forces to identify the key force vectors. Finally we'll consider how OSI is changing to match this evolution.

About the Speaker:
Simon Phipps is an independent consultant providing insight and knowledge on open source to businesses and governments worldwide. He is also President of the Open Source Initiative, the non-profit organisation that advocates for open source software and builds bridges between open source communities. His writing is featured in InfoWorld, ComputerWorld, O'Reilly Radar and other publications.

Before his current work, he was involved at a strategic level in some of the world’s leading technology companies. In addition to senior leadership positions he has worked in such hands-on roles as field engineer, programmer and systems analyst, as well as run a software publishing company. He worked with OSI standards in the eighties, on the first commercial collaborative conferencing software in the nineties, and helped introduce both Java and XML at IBM. He was a founding Director of the Open Mobile Alliance.

In mid-2000 he joined Sun Microsystems where he helped pioneer Sun’s employee blogging, social media and community engagement programmes. In 2005 he was appointed Chief Open Source Officer, coordinating Sun’s extensive participation in Free and Open Source software communities until he left in 2010. In that role he oversaw the conversion to Free software of the full Java platform, the Solaris UNIX operating system, the SPARC architecture and the rest of Sun’s broad software portfolio, all under OSI-approved Free licenses.

He holds a degree in electronic engineering and is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the British Computer Society. His personal home page and blog is